Why I Prefer AirBNB over Hotels

I don’t do a lot of traveling but my family typically takes a few trips a year. Until recently, we always stayed in hotels. But over the past 2-3 years, we have exclusively stayed in AirBNB’s. I believe the future of travel is AirBNB’s and I dread the thought of having to stay in a hotel. These are the reasons I prefer AirBNB over hotels.
Traveling with 4 kids and staying in a hotel is horrible. Most hotels limit stays to 4 guest per room. I may have mastered the sneak-in but I’m still stuck in a small room with 2 beds and 2 kids sleeping on the floor(yuk!). Much better to get a whole house!

Eating out every day is expensive and not healthy. Its great having a real kitchen when on vacation.

Because of reviews and pictures, you will know exactly what you are getting when you book an AirBNB. How clean is the house? What is the sleeping arrangement? What is the neighborhood like? Many more questions that you will never get when you book a hotel.

AirBNB will generally cost you less than a nice hotel. Try a stay and you’ll love it better than staying at a hotel. Before signing up for AirBNB, be sure to use this link to get $40 OFF YOUR 1ST STAY!!


AirBNB Coupon Code July 2019

This coupon code is available for the July 2019. AIRBNB COUPON CODE This is good for first time users of AirBNB and will get you up to $55 OFF. This is how the code works: You get $40 OFF a stay more than $75 and $15 OFF an AirBNB Experience. The coupon code is good for 1 year so even if you’re not traveling now, I suggest getting the code in case the promotion ends.